Your Guide to a Super Fun Valentines Day

Valentines fun

 For some, Valentine's Day is about being the most romantic, for others it's an excuse to publicise couple smugness, for others it a total load of rubbish. For us, well we reckon any excuse to celebrate basically... anything, is all we need – so why the hell not!

And yes okay so we also get that it's a marketing hook to make us feel like we need to buy a whole load of stuff blah blah, but ignoring all that...

Here's our guide for making Valentines a super FUN day:

Indulge - first up, start the morning by announcing you will only be drinking pink champagne - all day. In reality it will be Prosecco, caffeine is still welcome and you'll move on to water by 11am, but it's the excitement in that intention during those first few hours that is the fun bit.

Style it out – whether it's a subtle rosey lippy, an anti-Valentine's goth look or a kitsch as you like heart-printed dress, we reckon a bit of dress up is always fun... And if it's the romantic vibes you want to jump on for the day, we thoroughly recommend our abstract 'Lovers' earrings..

Go full on Betty Cooper – cut the kiddies breakfast toast into heart shapes, give out mini-packets of love hearts to strangers, bake heart shaped cookies for your colleagues (or at least intend to and then actually buy a pack of those heart shaped Haribo on your way in to work).

Embrace the love – we reckon an excuse to take some time out and ponder all those you love is really rather nice. So make sure you text your best pals, call the Aunty you know is going through a tough time, cover your partner in a 101 kisses (even if they tell you to stop after 7, we're sure they'll see the romantic side in the end - or start laughing at a very minimum).

Go your own way – when it comes to what you actually 'do', make sure it's something you want 'to do'. There's nothing worse than forced fun - from going large with your pals on Tuesday night just to prove how much you looove being single, to squeezing into a packed restaurant for a fixed price set menu just because it's the done thing. If those options work for you - great, but if you'd rather be snuggled up at home with your lover, having tea with your Mum, or doing nothing at all, that sounds great to us - and has no reflection on how happy or successful you are!

Treat yourself – since self love is obviously the most important prerequisite of any goodness, we reckon you need to buy yourself a Valentine's present - whoop! We'd recommend something frivolous and fun e.g.:

  • A totally glittery clutch bag (what it lacks in practicality, it makes up for in joy) – check out this rainbow glitter option from SoS15
  • Super fancy indulgent chocs from Saint Aymes (only challenge is they look so good you'll be sad for a moment that you can't wear them - before the devouring begins that is) 
  • The stay-on lipstick of your dreams (i.e. this one actually works - literally all day - and is only £4.99!!) from Sleek 
  • Standout fabulous earrings (sorry, if that's a bit of an obvious suggestion, but of course we had to go there) - 

So there it is, our guide to a super fun Valentine's Day. We hope you enjoy yours x

Top reasons to love winter

Reason to love winter

Okay so it's a bit cold, but we reckon everyone can be a bit unfairly down on our friend winter... Here's some top reasons to embrace it!

Faux fur - with everything. Coats obviously, but we're also very pleased to see trims a plenty this year and even the continued rise of the glorious fluffy Pom Pom. Only line drawn is at those Club Kid type fluffy boots in neon. Will leave those for the Emo teens...

Warm booze - cider, wine, whiskey. Positively soothing for the soul...

Staying in in - a time of year when it's totally legit to convince yourself that you're staying as part of a new healthy lifestyle choice, but actually it's because you have a primal urge to hibernate - and really want to complete that boxset. PJs on by 7:08pm - woo hoo!

It's well sparkly - so obviously there's Christmas with all the tinsel and twinkle lights, quickly followed by the glitter and fizz of NYE, but even beyond that Mother Nature ensures the bling. We've got shimmering frost in the mornings, flickering fires & candles encouraged by those dark eves - and even the odd flurry of crystal snowflakes. And to top up the frosty fabulousness, there's also statement earrings of course - browse ours at

Getting hairy - what a relief to sack off the waxing, shaving and plucking palarva. Time to embrace eu naturale hidden under all those layers. Plus hair is good for keeping insulated. Fact. And if you get caught out in a changing room or some such, no probs, just pretend you're cooler than you are and totally comfortable with 'freeing the pit' (in fact, that may even be worth considering come May...).

The annual reboot - there's something about observing the death and rebirth of all the plants and things to encourage some perspective on life. It's a chance to reflect, set new resolutions and think about all those new opportunities ahead.

Is your jewellery a feminist issue?

Medley of earrings

43% of all large UK firms reported having NO WOMEN at board level at all in 2015. WTF right? There have to be tonnes of reasons, but we reckon one is simply because it just doesn’t appeal enough to many mega talented women. And maybe that’s because when we think about ‘corporate success’ it so often conjures up expectations of conforming to male defined norms and culture, which let’s face it, sounds totally stifling. We’re thinking formal work wear, in-the-know jargon, hidden pay scales, fixed working practices that haven’t really changed in a hundred million years... Blah!

We reckon one way to help over-turn that outdated culture is to proactively behave in a way that better suits and represents women. What we wear is only one part, but it’s an easy one to get on board with and an important tactic because it’s so visual – and hence the most obvious way to throw a clear signal – i.e. it’s time we mixed this shit up. It’s a bit ludicrous that when it comes to defining what’s smart to wear in a corporate environment, the starting point is a dude in a grey suit. And that’s one of the reasons we set up Milk Tooth.  

We want women to feel totally amazing – and rocking a pair of statement earrings is a flexible and simple way to embrace feminine awesomeness. It's also totally rejecting any pressure to avoid standing out for fear of coming across as vacuous or conceited. It’s been interesting to see Nigerian novelist and Feminist icon Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie add her perspective as the face of No7. She says: "Feminism and femininity are not mutually exclusive. It is misogynistic to suggest that they are. Sadly, women have learnt to be ashamed and apologetic about pursuits that are seen as traditionally female, such as fashion and make-up."

In a sense, it can even be empowering in itself to wear something a little different - if it helps you challenge that unjust fear of coming across as attention-seeking by wearing something a bit fancy. Masculinity is constantly associated with flashy cars or watches and we’re taught that boldness equates to strong leadership among men, so why should women worry about being bold when it comes to fashion choices. Okay, in reality there are still certain parameters we like to play within (maybe keep the neon tube top for Sundays ;) but there’s still a whole load of flexibility we shouldn’t be afraid of (I insist that a bit of bling on a Tuesday never hurt anyone).

In this day and age, women shouldn’t need to worry about appearing irreverent if they choose to care about fashion or dress feminine. Bringing your personality to work and not feeling like we all have to fit into the same mold has got to be a good thing if we want to appeal to a broad range of customers and create a workplace that all staff thrive in, right? So let’s liberate the men up too - self expression for all! For most people (including men) it’s a total no-brainer that increasing the amount of women in senior roles is a good thing - and there’s also a tonne of evidence. We know that gender diversity increases innovation, creativity and collaboration within a company, which in turn improves financial performance and reduces negative culture and reputation risks.  

Whatever your level within a company, we can all play a role in defining the culture we want to work within. We believe that being confident in your own style, and empowering other women to do the same, whatever their choices, is one way to help re-balance the playing field.