Top reasons to love winter

Reason to love winter

Okay so it's a bit cold, but we reckon everyone can be a bit unfairly down on our friend winter... Here's some top reasons to embrace it!

Faux fur - with everything. Coats obviously, but we're also very pleased to see trims a plenty this year and even the continued rise of the glorious fluffy Pom Pom. Only line drawn is at those Club Kid type fluffy boots in neon. Will leave those for the Emo teens...

Warm booze - cider, wine, whiskey. Positively soothing for the soul...

Staying in in - a time of year when it's totally legit to convince yourself that you're staying as part of a new healthy lifestyle choice, but actually it's because you have a primal urge to hibernate - and really want to complete that boxset. PJs on by 7:08pm - woo hoo!

It's well sparkly - so obviously there's Christmas with all the tinsel and twinkle lights, quickly followed by the glitter and fizz of NYE, but even beyond that Mother Nature ensures the bling. We've got shimmering frost in the mornings, flickering fires & candles encouraged by those dark eves - and even the odd flurry of crystal snowflakes. And to top up the frosty fabulousness, there's also statement earrings of course - browse ours at

Getting hairy - what a relief to sack off the waxing, shaving and plucking palarva. Time to embrace eu naturale hidden under all those layers. Plus hair is good for keeping insulated. Fact. And if you get caught out in a changing room or some such, no probs, just pretend you're cooler than you are and totally comfortable with 'freeing the pit' (in fact, that may even be worth considering come May...).

The annual reboot - there's something about observing the death and rebirth of all the plants and things to encourage some perspective on life. It's a chance to reflect, set new resolutions and think about all those new opportunities ahead.