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MIlk Tooth LDN Perdue Range Gold Earrings


The concept for the Perdue collection imagines an abandoned theme park discovered in the forgotten corners of the grounds of Palace Versailles. The range draws inspiration from surreal and gordy disbanded fairgrounds around the world, interpreted through a luxe lens.

To help bring our concept to life, we enlisted the skills of Camilo Medina. The work of the Chicago-based artist, is akin to a surrealist acid trip, whilst his graphics are designed with precision and skill; a match made in collaborative heaven.

Milk Tooth LDN Duck Earrings

Playful but edgy motifs play a significant part across the range; a twisted Cupid
features, as do distinctively skewed cartoon duck faces, flaming carousel horses and kissing swans, evocative of an old love boat ride.

Imagine what the discovery of an abandoned amusement park might have looked liked in a parallel world where time and date doesn't limit cultural scope; that’s ‘Perdue’.

Playing on the contrast between high and low brow design, with a dash of counter culture, slacker art, bootleg toys and character design, our ambition is that it all translates into a high end look and feel with a sense of humour to boot.

Milk Tooth LDN Gold swan earrings
When designing, we began to imagine fantastical worlds and undiscovered treasure in far off places. That provided starting inspiration for the new collection, and then the events of the last couple of years just heightened our lust for such escapism, yearning for travel or feelings of wanderlust.

To bring our ideas to life, we worked with Camilo. We love his take on bootleg art and wonky interpretations of normally sugary sweet characters – his ideas of mashing these things together with the added perfection of Baroque opulence was exactly the aesthetic we wanted with Perdue.

Milk Tooth LDN Gold Swan earrings


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