How bold style choices have changed the world

Be Bold for Change


We'd like to take a moment to big up some of the badass ladies who have used powerful style choices as a mechanism to shift up perceptions and ignite change.

First up, let’s consider Katherine Hepburn. The Hollywood leading lady’s masculine style choices were positively scandalous at the time and flew in the face of expectations. We thank her for literally breaking the taboo of women wearing trousers. Just think about how stifling it would be if that one had never been sorted?!

Jump ahead to the 60s and Mary Quant smashed the connection between showing some leg and being considered 'frightfully uncouth'. It was an important moment in terms of calling out how unacceptable it is to label women as slutty for what they wear - plus challenging the connection between sexuality and morality. 

Just one decade on, and Vivienne Westwood helped pioneer punk, kicking off a politically charged cultural movement that influenced society hand in hand with fashion. She continues to make bold fashion statements and remains a leading influence across mainstream creative culture today.  

In the 80s, Madonna took boldness on female sexuality to a whole new level with her bodices, pointy boobs and Sex book. Far from being the pawn, she creatively directed and produced her work and portrayed a sexual women in charge.

Bjork seriously challenged the music scene by literally mashing up contemporary artistry and music in the 90s. She also did loads for female representation in the industry by insisting on rightful Producer and Writer credits and refusing to be the ‘front lady’ in a male led industry.

Whilst this lady has been styling it out for nearing a decade (literally) it was in the 00s that Iris Apfel entered most of our lives. She has showed unequivocally that age ain't nothing but a number - shifting perceptions on female beauty and style through outlandish and experimental fashion choices.

Beyoncé has been killing it since the 90s, but we have to say her more recent bold choices have really taken it next level. From Black-Panther-evoking dance routines to a semi-naked pregnancy look book, she’s made even our eyes pop - in a good way, we think... Because thought provocation has got to be a key part of all this, right?

But the thing we most truly love Queen Bey for is inspiring a whole generation, and black girls in particular, to feel proud and empowered by the true awesomeness of their thighs. That is cool - and quite an achievement! Women in all their variety encouraged to stand strong. Now that is a true service to society. 

Fashion is a form self-expression and creativity and plays an important part in our culture. We reckon our choices can have a powerful influence on society - and these women certainly prove the case, hands down! Sisters, we salute you.