Is your jewellery a feminist issue?

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43% of all large UK firms reported having NO WOMEN at board level at all in 2015. WTF right? There have to be tonnes of reasons, but we reckon one is simply because it just doesn’t appeal enough to many mega talented women. And maybe that’s because when we think about ‘corporate success’ it so often conjures up expectations of conforming to male defined norms and culture, which let’s face it, sounds totally stifling. We’re thinking formal work wear, in-the-know jargon, hidden pay scales, fixed working practices that haven’t really changed in a hundred million years... Blah!

We reckon one way to help over-turn that outdated culture is to proactively behave in a way that better suits and represents women. What we wear is only one part, but it’s an easy one to get on board with and an important tactic because it’s so visual – and hence the most obvious way to throw a clear signal – i.e. it’s time we mixed this shit up. It’s a bit ludicrous that when it comes to defining what’s smart to wear in a corporate environment, the starting point is a dude in a grey suit. And that’s one of the reasons we set up Milk Tooth.  

We want women to feel totally amazing – and rocking a pair of statement earrings is a flexible and simple way to embrace feminine awesomeness. It's also totally rejecting any pressure to avoid standing out for fear of coming across as vacuous or conceited. It’s been interesting to see Nigerian novelist and Feminist icon Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie add her perspective as the face of No7. She says: "Feminism and femininity are not mutually exclusive. It is misogynistic to suggest that they are. Sadly, women have learnt to be ashamed and apologetic about pursuits that are seen as traditionally female, such as fashion and make-up."

In a sense, it can even be empowering in itself to wear something a little different - if it helps you challenge that unjust fear of coming across as attention-seeking by wearing something a bit fancy. Masculinity is constantly associated with flashy cars or watches and we’re taught that boldness equates to strong leadership among men, so why should women worry about being bold when it comes to fashion choices. Okay, in reality there are still certain parameters we like to play within (maybe keep the neon tube top for Sundays ;) but there’s still a whole load of flexibility we shouldn’t be afraid of (I insist that a bit of bling on a Tuesday never hurt anyone).

In this day and age, women shouldn’t need to worry about appearing irreverent if they choose to care about fashion or dress feminine. Bringing your personality to work and not feeling like we all have to fit into the same mold has got to be a good thing if we want to appeal to a broad range of customers and create a workplace that all staff thrive in, right? So let’s liberate the men up too - self expression for all! For most people (including men) it’s a total no-brainer that increasing the amount of women in senior roles is a good thing - and there’s also a tonne of evidence. We know that gender diversity increases innovation, creativity and collaboration within a company, which in turn improves financial performance and reduces negative culture and reputation risks.  

Whatever your level within a company, we can all play a role in defining the culture we want to work within. We believe that being confident in your own style, and empowering other women to do the same, whatever their choices, is one way to help re-balance the playing field.

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How to enjoy getting dressed

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Getting dressed for a party you're excited about can be a hoot, but what about day-to-day dressing? At times when you need to be out the door early, or have a pretty mediocre slog ahead, it can be a total drag right? To help make the every-day breezy, we've shared some low maintenance tips on how to inject a bit of fun into daily outfit planning.

But first up, a quick ponder on why we are even bothered about such trivial things. Well, if you really actually don't care, crack on and more power to you. See Leandra's comments about not wearing make up for a fabulous example of that totally cool perspective (in terms of make up for her though – not clothes, clearly). But, if on the other hand, you sometimes find yourself feeling draggy when you think you look a mess and that gets in the way of your total brilliance, we don't like that. Our aim is to help you feel as badass as you want to be – every single day.

So, here's the tips:

  1. PPPPP – sorry it's boring, and no I'm not your GCSE Spanish teacher, but a little advance prep goes a long way in efficient outfit planning. If you're someone who gives a damn about what you wear most days, a little thinking ahead will seriously make your morning routine way more chilled and kick off the whole day on a smoother and more confidence footing, freeing up your real attention for world domination of course. And it's super simple to do. No need to become all anal and systemified a la Cher (as in the movie Clueless - she had an outfit planning app before apps even existed - way futuristic). Simply take a moment to ask yourself what's on tomorrow, what's the weather like and what will feel you feel great in for that? Then either get the clothes out or put them at the front of your wardrobe so they are easily to hand and you don't forget the choices you've already sorted in the morning (surprisingly easily done at 6:30am).

  2. Choose your BFFs – it's wise to have clear in mind a couple of outfits that you feel great in. These can create quick wins on days you wake up with a hangover and limited memory... or solid fall back options when 'this must have shrunk' / 'why did I ever like this?' moments hit unexpectedly. Clock what you're wearing on days when you feel great or get loads of complements that make you feel good. Could what you're wearing be an outfit worth mentally banking and pulling out next time you want to look awesome? Whether your aim is to feel hot to trot at a party or totally in control at a meeting with big wigs, have a couple of trustworthy outfits in mind and it will free you from worrying if a last minute invites or job interviews come up - and give you less ammo for those lame 'literally, I have nothing to wear' claims!


  3. Create star leads – sometimes a super simple way to plan an outfit is just to have one thing you love in mind that you want to wear. Get excited about that one thing and the rest will follow - whether that's a chunky belt, your blue suede shoes or even your most vibrant lipstick shade. Sometimes once you have that in mind the rest just follows as a side note. Like a big colourful dangly earring day, maybe that always leads you to a plain t-shirt with skinnies and heels - or flats to play it down for day wear. The beauty of this approach is that it can short cut all the decision-making to only one choice.

  4. Go your own colour ways – getting clear on some of your fave colour combos can really speed up putting outfits together (and avoid having to get re-dressed!). It'll also make wearing the brightly coloured clothes in your wardrobe easier and more frequent - because you'll already have in mind what you like them with. rather than struggling to make them work each time. Some of our fave fun combos are a bright blue with silver, yellow with grey, or the forever loved monochrome. No need to let that mustard woollen mini grow mothballs - the grey polo is your answer!


  5. Style it out – whatever you're wearing, it can always look on point with the addition of a bit of accessorising. A coloured scarf with your boring black coat, a belt around your mis-shaped old fave jumper, fabulous earrings with a casual tee, a blinding necklace with a corporate feeing dress. Accessorising is quick, so no need to scrimp on the trial and error here - try a necklace against your top and cast it aside if it doesn't work, hold a different earring up to each ear and see which looks best. Lots of fun to be had in three minutes before work begins!
  1. Chill lady – Please don't get us wrong, we are definitely not advocating the banishment of slobby days in trackies - or even ‘I don't give a hoot’ days in old jeans and your comfiest sweater. Those are great. And if you run into someone you didn't expect to, oh well. The truth is they'll probably not even notice the difference and if they did maybe they’ll think you looked fresh faced and lovely, or maybe they think you look a bit rough - and that’s okay too, because you are way more than your wrapping - and if they don’t agree, screw them. Even on days when you’ve actually tried but just get it wrong or don’t have time to do it properly, don’t fret. We reckon it’s best to have tried and failed than stayed safe your whole life. Basically, let's always remember a couple of things - all this fashion lark isn't too important AND we only do it because we like it!

  2. Be experimental – There is loads of inspiration around that can help you remember the joy of fashion and help keep your choices fresh and exciting. If you see someone wearing an interesting get up, think about how you could give it a go yourself. Try fun stuff on when you go shopping even if you think it will look mad or you can't afford it, it may spark another idea or give you some inspiration for something else. Try layering up your bracelets or necklaces and see which work together for a more impactful look. On the odd day when you have a bit of time, match some reliable tops with the skirt you never wear and see if it's actually more wearable than you thought... Maybe wear one 'going out out' thing as part of your day time look, such as some fab heels or blinging earrings with trainers. Basically, be playful - and enjoy it!