The unique shops you need to discover

 The unique shops you need to discover

We're driven by a lust for unique accessories - oh, and quirky homeware, as well as any sort of spectacular trinket! We have a long history of this dedication to tracking down those coveted items and as such, we've become rather good at it (if we don't say so ourselves). In this blog, we'll share some of the brilliant stores where we're lucky enough to have been stocked – and let you know why their shopping experiences definitely deserve your attention...

Starting off slap bang in the centre of the UK's capital, Bonds, Kings Cross is a brilliant concept store that houses the coolest of slick & simple lifestyle gems, alongside being a working Lab where Earl of East scents are produced and you can even book a session to create your own fragrance. Housed within London's Coal Drops Yard, the location is well worth a visit for the epic Heatherwick Studio led architecture alone, which revives two heritage rail buildings in spectacular fashion.

When you're in south London, make sure you check out Circus in Brixton Market - for all your mid-century lusts, mixed with eclectic jewellery and vintage keep sakes. And allow some time to grab a cocktail and some jerk chicken from their plentiful neighbours whilst you're there too. Or if north London is more your thing, The Wearer in Angel is a teeny but fascinating Aladdin's Cave of the best jewellery designers. Clearly after our own heart, they claim to stock jewellery with personality - and we most definitely agree.

Jumping up to Scotland, have you heard about Oh Hello Vintage in Dundee by the maverick stylist that is Honey Pop Kisses? The store decor is Wes Anderson inspired and the stock is a great mix of vintage and independent fashion and lifestyle designers.

Heading south, we're delighted to feature amongst the greats at The Hepworth gallery (in their shop rather than on the walls, sadly ;) in Wakefield. Another epic building, the gallery is a gem of the UK and features the best exhibitions of international modern and contemporary art. Definitely worth a trip!

Jumping down to the south coast, Mutrend Lab in Southampton is a forward-thinking collaborative space. Run as a social enterprise start-up, it features a lovely array of independent designers or ethical brands, and handcrafted or upcycled vintage items. Further east, Peculiar Vintage in Brighton is a must visit destination for jewellery enthusiasts. Dedicated to jewellery with soul, it houses owner Stef Warde’s own pieces, alongside curated guest designers, including ourselves. We challenge you to try to not get excited by the visual delights as you step through their doorway…

Not to forget, we also love to discover distinctive gems online of course. For all your gifting needs check out the treasure trove that is My Shining Armour, or if brightly coloured dress are more your thang, find us alongside a serious quota of patterns and textures at Studio B

And of course all these delightful shopping adventures will be far more fabulous whilst feeling immense rocking a great pair of earrings (official fact), so make sure you browse our designs, right here.

The Cosmic Earrings of Your Dreams

Sphere Collection

We're delighted to present our third original collection encompassing ten gold-plated cosmic earrings unlike any others on this planet, launched exclusively with Hypebae.

Drawing upon Egyptology, global politics, counterculture and the cosmos, the Sphere Collection takes an irreverent look at whether an alternative dimension might just be the solution in times of disharmony on earth.

Influenced by cultural pioneers including Sun Ra, the avant-garde jazz musician and philosopher, as well as Harumi Yamaguchi, the Toyko-based artist responsible for some of the 1980’s most iconic fashion images; the impactful collection feature eclectic designs drawing upon celestial and astrological themes. 

Let us tell you a story

Each of the unique earring designs together make a complete story; symbolising ten key pillars in an alternative universe that would be characterised by a more egalitarian and harmonious mythical culture.

Every earring is accompanied by a bespoke beautifully printed keepsake Tarot style card, designed in collaboration with German artist Max Loeffler, winner of 2018’s prestigious The Folio Society Award at Quentin Blake’s House of Illustration. The cards are a cosmic keepsake and aim to help bring to life the philosophy and inspiration behind each design.

Browse this unique earring collection here.

Style tips from Frida Kahlo

Frida earringsWith Frida Kahlo fever well and truly kicking off, in part thanks to the dedicated V&A exhibition (whoop!), we thought it was only fitting to take a moment to recognize this Mexican lady's greatness.

Frida was a true maverick of her time who is still challenging perceptions today. Her distinctive works of art mixed realism with fantasy and commented loudly on the world around her, including questioning the perceptions and rules that define us all. 

Frida’s epic art work is well documented (and yet still doesn't get tired!), but we wanted to take a moment to reflect on her amazing personal style - and the way that made up part of who she was. From exploring female body image and disability, to the interplay of heritage with fashion, Frida was challenging and pioneering in many ways. 

First up, she had an beautiful home and one we have been lucky enough to visit. That's The Casa de Azul in Mexico City, now known as the Frida Kahlo Museum. Her colourways were an epic mix of bold colour pops - predominantly the signature bright blue, accentuated with accents of grass green and canary yellow. And props to Frida for clearly being all over the indoor plants thing waaay before hipsters got on-board.

Secondly, her iconic outfits were pioneering for the day and still influence our high streets. She created her own structured garments to sculpt the lines of her body and ignored fashion trends of the day by embracing indigenous clothing. We also particularly love her passion for intricate and bold embroidery.

Last but by no means not least, her earrings were a cornucopia of eclectic and bold ideas, which seemed in themselves to celebrate the variety and creativity of her mind. It sounds a tad OTT, but seriously check them out in all their array and it’s hard to deny!

Whilst we can’t promise any of these were adorned by Frida or her pals, we did collect a great mix of vintage earrings whilst in Mexico, and would strongly advise you check them out... right here. Snap them up before they’re gone.