Top reasons to love summer

1. Kitsch nail art. Watermelons, ice creams, smiling suns - the hilarious opportunities are endless...

2. Permission to dress like you're on holiday - or at a festival - or just a bit of a hippie. Floaty skirts, sparkly bronzer, your granny's clip on earrings. Yes my friend, that is totally fine for your 9am work meeting. The weather gods officially say, 'allow it'.

3. Large glasses of rose with ice. Frightfully tacky in the winter, positively Mediterranean in the sunshine.

4. No. More. Tights. Goodbye awkward yanking, constant ladder threat and wrinkly ankle sagas - see ya in October. Me, done (said in voice of Obama obvs).

5. Colourpoping. No more black and grey (unless teamed with a rather natty yellow) army. Let the individuality blossom, let the rainbow explode!

6. Lunch time work beers transform. From depressing huddles moaning in dank pubs, to must-be grabbed opportunities to get a tan and chat about exciting weekend plans. Factually good for team bonding by the end of a sesh.

7. Layering takes on a whole new meaning. Screw you thermals and that bulky just-in-case extra jumper, hello flouncy kimono and stack-em-high bracelets.

    And, even when the weather doesn't come to you, embrace colour blocking for the day - and I can guarantee at least three comments about bringing the summer with you. Doing it for yourself, nothing like it.

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    Essential Earrings for your Collection

    Earrings and makeup

    Whatever your level of passion for earrings is, there are a couple of must haves. Trends will come and go, but these will see you through the ups and down of life (okay, not literally) and always remain stylish.

    The hoop earring is your most basic essential. It will be continuously useful. If it's a large or chunky hoop it can make you feel instantly confident. It can also totally evoke a no-messing attitude boost. Yes you may observe I am wearing massive badass hoops. Why? Because why the hell not?!

    Hoops can also dress down a fancy outfit. To help you get some daytime wear out of those party clothes you really love, but just don't quite have enough occasions for. They look great totally casual with stripes and jeans, or simply sexy with a deep red lip and Latin vibe.

    So versatile. So needed in your life. Dinny Hall do a great quality signature hoop, as well as some more risque variations. And BTW this look is totally hot right now. Even real fashion types like French Vogue are featuring hoops - so it must be true. 

    My other staple earring is a chunky bold 80s-inspired stud. Check out The Power Lineup to see what I mean. These bad boys have the opposite power to a hoop. They can totally dress up a casual outfit - or take a glam look to a whole new wow dimension.

    In particular, a strong simple solid gold stud will always see you right. For me, they define a fierce jewellery collection and are the classic style that just keeps giving. Totally wearable and instantly stylish.

    Woman wearing gold stud statement earring

    Check out some wicked fashion icons who know how to work a good Power earring on our PINterest page. A good earring can definitely be empowering. A confident earring sets you up for a confident day.


    New Year Resolutions

    So, it's that time of year. Generally, we don't take resolutions too seriously, but sometimes it's nice to pause for a second and think over the serious stuff.

    Here's our three resolutions - and *spoiler alert* you need to pay close attention to the third one (serious discount business).

    NEW YEAR RESOLUTION ONE >>> Drink Responsibly (downgraded from Never Drink Again on 1st Jan morning).

    NEW YEAR RESOLUTION TWO >>> Share Complements and help spread a little happiness e.g. "Iman darling, your earrings are sickeningly fabulous".

    NEW YEAR RESOLUTION THREE >>> Be Generous and Kind.

    Putting this into action straight up with a 20% time-limited discount for all you top people. To claim, simply enter code 'ThnxPal' at checkout. Yes, really!

    And once all those January mantras are over, there's still our simple philosophy to remember >> Embrace your own style, buy things you love and hey presto, feel amazing!

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