Introducing a collaboration..... Milk Tooth LDN x M.I.G.

We are delighted to have joined forces with outstanding person and super talented illustrator, Maria-Ines Gul, to create an exceptional collection inspired by all things female.

After meeting Maria (who you may know from Rookie Magazine or commissions from the likes of Gucci and Farfetch) during celebrations for International National Women’s Day 2017, we bonded over our mutual appreciation for avant-garde fashion and design. Many chats and rounds of illustration evolutions later, the Milk Tooth LDN x M.I.G. collection is born.

For us, statement earrings are an empowering way to embrace the brilliance of womanhood, whilst Maria’s beautiful illustrations are themed with thoughtful and witty comments on feminism, so it was natural inspiration for the collection.

The result is a range featuring symbols like keys, shells and flowers, which combine to produce a strikingly fresh take on the delicacies and complexities of femininity. Accompanying the collection is a poem written by Maria to give further insight into our inspiration, which you can find along with our final illustrated designs below.

The limited edition collection features nine unique pairs of earrings, which each come in a bespoke box, also designed by Maria. The earrings are 24 carat gold-plated and super lightweight (you have to hold them to believe it!).

See for yourself, right here.