Love to Love: Part Four

Just a uniform

Welcome to Love to Love - a series of interviews with top women we love to love, about all the stuff they love to love.

Today we meet Siobhan Maroney aka Just a Uniform - the multi-coloured fashion blogger representing for Kent and leaving a trail of glitter wherever she goes.

You’ll have no doubt seen her honest blogs and daringly experimental fashion mash ups. But what you may not know, is that Siobhan used to be a teacher and counts her an envy-inducing ‘Bachelorette’ party in Las Vegas (gurl gang goals) as a true highlight of her past few years. Let’s find out more...

How would you describe your style?
More is more, less is bore - a phrase I live by! Clearly I’m a bit of a magpie, but I also love making fashion playful - breaking rules, mixing things up, experimenting basically. It has to be joyful!
What’s your dream dinner party line up if you only had three chairs to fill?
First off, Prince, definitely. Just because he’s an all-around genius of course - musically talented and also in the style stakes. I love how daring he always was. The second place would go to Iris Apfel. She’s the reason that I started my blog and I am absolutely inspired by her. For the final seat, I’m going to go with the blogging style queen Megan Ellaby. I think her style is everything - and she’s just the nicest human.
Where’s your favourite place to visit and why?
I’m going to be controversial and insist on saying two! My favourite city is Berlin. I go there every single year. I got engaged there and it holds so many great memories. It’s a really, really creative place, where you’re allowed to be who you are. And it feels really free because of that. One place I’d definitely recommend checking out if you go is Kreuzberg for it’s nightlife, vintage shops and amazing Turkish food. The other place is somewhere I haven’t even been yet, but I’ve been obsessed since I was in primary school! And that’s Japan - for all the crazy visual stimulation and a total change in surroundings - I love the fashion, the food, everything.
Where do you get your style inspo from?
The streets - just literally people-watching, I like my magazines, but I don’t really follow trends. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of trends in my wardrobe for sure, but they are there because I genuinely like them. Mainly I love observing and enjoy walking around shops and seeing what’s going on. I try to go to fashion weeks and like getting inspiration from there, but equally, I just think it’s great to just see what everyday people are doing. For me it’s mainly bloggers who are leading the way - and that’s where I see the most style. A couple of people I'd recommend to follow are @nicolekayclark and @tezzamb
What does jewellery mean to your style?
Last year I didn’t make a new year’s resolution, but my pledge to myself was to accessorize more! Basically because I always felt that my accessories game wasn’t quite up with my clothes game - so during 2017 I was really going for it - and now I get so many comments about my accessories and jewellery, especially my Milk Tooth London earrings! Loads of people stop me and ask me about them. Jewellery can complete a look, or make a look, so I love its flexibility.
Tell us about the earrings you’re wearing now?
For me I love The Cloud - how statement they are basically! They are a bit out there and really suit my style. But also gold, pink and red is the best colour combination!

New Year Resolutions

So, it's that time of year. Generally, we don't take resolutions too seriously, but sometimes it's nice to pause for a second and think over the serious stuff. Here's our three resolutions - and *spoiler alert* you need to pay close attention to the third one...

NEW YEAR RESOLUTION ONE >>> Drink Responsibly (downgraded from Never Drink Again on 1st Jan morning).

NEW YEAR RESOLUTION TWO >>> Share Complements and help spread a little happiness e.g. "Iman darling, your earrings are sickeningly fabulous".

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And once all those January mantras are over, there's still our simple philosophy to remember >> Embrace your own style, buy things you love and hey presto, feel amazing!

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Proof fashion is good for you

We've long mused that the thrill of putting together a 'high-five-to-self' outfit must not only be lovely for the world's eyeballs, but also great for the soul. Well, today we bring you conclusive (or at a minimum quite decent) evidence that it is definitely good for you.

The logic…

Network building - if you've ever attended an event mainly (or possibly only…) to get dressed up for the occasion - and then ended up meeting loads of nice people, you'll know what we mean. 

History swotting - these days fashion is a melting pot of trends from across the ages - all intertwined with important cultural motifs that it's important for us to homage. From the miniskirt symbolising new freedoms for women in the 60s, to the Cleopatra inspired eye liner reminding us of female leaders gone-by (whether they were a tad scary or not!). 

Muscle toning - they say it's the little efforts over time that add up. In which case, just think of the cumulative arm toning clocked up through a lifetime of bracelet wearing. And don't even get us started on the calf toning from a pair of killer heels... 

Cultural enlightenment - who can deny the multiple connections between fashion, art and science. Just think about fashion and architecture as one example. Our very own Pluralist Collection features bold earring designs inspired by postmodern architecture and evoking the spirit of the late-20th century movement of the same name. Fancy right?

Coordination skills - whether it's a two minute ponder whilst in your morning shower, or a dedicated think whilst you wrap up the day before, when on a daily basis you're considering an outfit across underwear, clothes, accessories and hair, it is undeniably good practice for multitasking, mental agility and planning!

Mental health – from embracing exciting colours, to swapping clothes with pals, to feeling totally awesome in a brilliant outfit, there are loads of ways to have fun with fashion. And as long as we don’t take it all too seriously, it can be a fantastic way to celebrate your own choices, be yourself and feel confident.  

So, what you waiting for - get hunting for fashion accessories to make you happy (not guarenteed with purchase ;) right here x