Love to Love: Part Three

Natalie Campbell

Welcome to Love to Love - a series of interviews with top women we love to love, about all the stuff they love to love.

Today we meet Natalie Campbell - the sassy commentator, Founder of A Very Good Company, and one third of Talk Radio’s Badass Women’s Hour.

You’ll no doubt have marvelled at Natalie’s quick wit, strong hair game and variety of lip colours already, but what you may not know is that Natalie’s first business was a fashion store she launched aged 21, plus as a Civil Service Commissioner she plays a seriously important role helping to select the most senior Whitehall staff in the country. Impressive stuff. Let's find out more…

How would you describe your style?

I go for simple, but impactful. I’m not driven by trends and don’t buy lots of stuff anymore; it really has to be about sustainable purchases. I’m often in black but will accessorise - although with just one thing, I’m not someone who layers up. For me, jewellery is everything. You can update your whole outfit with the right earring, with the right necklace - or when on holiday, the right crown, whatever it is! It’s the thing that lifts an all-black outfit, or that makes you feel like you have a brand new look to rock in a dress you’ve had for 10 years.

If you were hosting a dinner party with only three seats, who'd you invite?

Everyone knows I’m a massive Rhianna fan, so she’d be there for sure. Also Michelle Obama - because she’s superwoman of course. And, sorry for such a cliché, but Anthony Joshua, for visual reasons! (*We also hear he’s very sweet, so sure that’s your main motivation, right Nat?!)

What’s the favourite place that you’ve ever travelled to?

New York holds a special place in my heart. I love the chilled, down-to-earth culture in Brooklyn, but also being in Manhattan with the glamour and scale of the buildings - and supersized food! The city reminds me how small we all are, but equally big you can be. I was inspired by a massive billboard I saw aged fifteen of Puff Daddy in Times Square - and I fell in love right then. It’s a place that always gives me fight. (*We are also big fans -  check out our guide to jewellery shopping in the Big Apple, right here)

Do you have any go-to places for fashion inspiration?

My friends. If you’re wearing a really cute outfit, I’m going to ask where it’s from - and may well copy! I’m not really someone that looks at things on social media and covets stuff, it’s more of an immediate, real-life feeling. I also have go-to brands like Joseph, Max Mara, Jigsaw. Places you can walk in and know you’ll get something so you don’t have to think too hard, I don’t like having to overthink!

Tell us about your fave Milk Tooth earrings...

At the moment it’s The Lovers - because that’s where I’m at right now, all about the love, trying to find a man - so hoping this is a subliminal thing too! But also I love the shape - womanly, but again it’s simple whilst statement, which is a really hard combination to get, but is what’s happening right here.

Embrace the love with your own pair, right here.

*Editor's notes