Love to Love: Part Five

Sarah Akwisombe

Welcome to Love to Love - a series of interviews with top women we love to love, about all the stuff they love to love.

Today we meet Sarah Akwisombe - the straight-talking interior stylist with a penchant for monochrome alongside bold colour pops.

You’ll have no doubt seen the fresh interiors Sarah shares creation of in her own Croydon home, lusted after her streetwear influenced style, and even spotted her and the fam in that festive Ebay TV ad. But, what you may not know is that Sarah is a bonafide popstar, who helped pioneer Grime music as alter ego GoldieLocks. Yes, really! Oh - and she has set up her own training programme, brilliantly named, the No Bull Blog School. You really should check it out... But for now, let’s find out more...

How would you describe your style?

I’d say my look is quite pop, but with a bit of humour to it - so irreverent basically. My clothes are always very casual, but in a put-together way. I love pastels at the moment - and am also coveting anything textured, preferably fluffy or at least stroke-able!

What’s your dream dinner party line up if you only had three chairs to fill?

I’d have to have my husband there - so we could tick off a nice dinner date at the same time, which is something we’re always trying to find time for (and a babysitter!). Plus he’d be excited to meet the same people as me anyway. I reckon we’d invite Tyler the Creator and… Jennifer Lawrence. I feel like I should say someone mega intelligent, but I don’t know any intelligent people... I reckon that would be a good group anyway - and most importantly we’d have fun.

Where’s your favourite place to visit and why?

I went to Austin Texas for a festival thing when I was making music. It was great weather, obviously, but also just felt like a really cool music scene. And the food is amazing. Loads of barbeques, sauced ribs and stuff like that. It’s somewhere I’ve always felt like I didn’t explore properly, so I would love to go back. Although that said, I’m also desperate to go to Japan. We’re saving up for a trip at the moment in fact. I feel like it’s going to be my spirit animal of countries.

Where do you get your style inspo from?

I don’t really look to fashion stuff. I don’t read fashion magazines or follow that kind of thing, but I really like counterculture - and  street-style. I also like to like look back in history for retro and vintage inspiration. I prefer indie brands if possible, but then the obvious like Nike for trainers and stuff.  It’s great when a little funny independent brand pops up on Instagram or something. I just found one that makes these t-shirts of chicken chubs, and I was like, yeah, I need that. I like things that are just a bit silly and don’t take themselves too seriously.

What does jewellery mean to your style?

I think it is a really good way to finish off a look. Because I dress really casual and wear baggy oversize men’s stuff, it’s a nice way to add some glam. I use it to make my outfits quite feminine - and to show I’ve made an effort basically. Otherwise, I could just look like I’m rolling up in my tracksuit, which is a bit dodgy in some circumstances. But if I rock up in a tracksuit with some blingy jewellery, people are confused and assume it’s a fashion look. So then I can totally get away with the tracksuit…

So what is your favourite piece of the Milk Tooth range?

I don’t have my ears pierced, so I’m all about the vintage clip-ons. I’ve got a couple of amazing pairs from Milk Tooth that I love. Normally anything chunky and gold is good for me. From the new range though, my favourites are the Women earrings. I like that they’re quite different to the other stuff that you guys have done before - and they’re quite different for me too, because I usually like geometric straight lines. But with these, I’m loving the fluidity - and it has a slightly retro feel as well.