Maximalist earrings

Vintage dangly sparkly earrings

Why now is the time to embrace the power of super glam ear decor.

We hear shoulder pads are officially back 'in'. To be honest in our world they never went too far... but any excuse to amp up our 80s fashion references is more than welcome, so we are well and truly ready to jump on board.

And why stop there? Drenched in sequins and complete with earrings fit to command a solar system, we reckon it's a great moment to embrace maximalism and own that badass diva you've always known is bubbling within.

So, here's a fine selection of the most epic vintage earrings to get you started:

  1. Ain't no messing statement earrings – chunky deco inspired bling at £36
  2. Coloured gems statement earrings – original supermodel standout at £35
  3. All chained statement earrings – ultimate 80s stylist at £33
  4. Golden tassels statement earrings – delicious disco dreams at £34
  5. Bodacious rouge statement earrings – vampish dangly glamour at £37
  6. Grand sway statement earrings – classy as hell at £33
  7. All that glitters statement earrings – straight up bejewelled at £36

So there you have it, whether teamed with trainers for a fresh cool girl look, or going glam with skinny jeans and heels, we hope you agree that we all deserve some epic sparkly earrings in our lives.

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